About San Diego Minato School



Minato School, a non-profit school, is dedicated to providing Japanese students, living in the San Diego area, a supplementary Japanese education.

Subjects covered under the supplementary education program include Japanese language, mathematics, social studies and science. These subjects are taught exclusively in Japanese.

In addition, Minato School opens its door to non-Japanese students who are able to follow Japanese at each statutory grade required of their age.


Minato School holds classes once a week on Saturday, excluding designated vacation weeks.

Minato School consists of

  1. Kindergarten
  2. Elementary school for ages 7-12
  3. Middle school for ages 13-15
  4. High school for ages 16-18

Minato School uses the same standardized Japanese textbooks required in the Japanese school system for each academic grade. In accordance with the Japanese school system,Minato School uses the same rules of conduct used in Japan both inside and outside the classroom.

In oder to increase teaching efficiency, the number of students in each classroom is well managed.

Occasionally, music lessons and physical education are added as extracurricular activities to develop student’s aesthetics and physical training.

Annually, Minato School holds a sports day event to nurture the spirit of “teamwork” and “cooperation” among students.

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